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Fulfillment by Amazon
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Fulfillment by Amazon

Simplify fulfillment and offer fast, reliable shipping with Multi-Channel Fulfillment
$2.20+ fee per unit
About Fulfillment by Amazon
Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

With Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment, you send your inventory to Amazon for storage and management. Upon receiving an order, Amazon professionals handle the picking, packing, and shipping of the products. The customer's order is shipped right to them from Amazon's facility.

How MCF works

Send all or some of your inventory directly to an Amazon fulfillment center. When customers purchase products on your website or another third-party sales channel, Amazon will receive your orders and pick, pack, and ship them directly to your customers.MCF is available with or without Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). If you do use FBA to sell on Amazon, your existing inventory will serve both Amazon customers and customers from your other sales channels.
Fulfillment by Amazon
Fulfillment by Amazon
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Fulfillment by Amazon Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this app keep my fba inventories at Amazon wareshouse in sync and updates my 3dcart product quantity? Or It is only good for Amazon merchant fulfilled product quantities?

Asked by: Kimela (3/28/2017)
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Q: Can we see the FBA qty in 3dcart? and able to export report automatically?

Asked by: Danny Lim (2/7/2018)
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Q: Can I send the 3dcart order to Amazon automatically? How much does integration cost? The cost is per order?

Asked by: Leonardo (10/28/2019)
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