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Kount Connector
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Kount Connector

Connect your Shift4Shop store to Kount fraud management suite
Free with Shift4 Payments
About Kount Connector

Stop chargebacks, reduce manual reviews and accept more orders while reducing customer friction and false positives. Kount’s simple extension delivers the full power of Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention solution. Access the most accurate eCommerce fraud protection to immediately improve your profitability.

Protect against chargebacks and disputes
Accept more good orders
Reduce manual reviews and automate decisions
Install quickly for immediate protection

Get up and running quickly. Easily install and configure the Kount extension in less than an hour to access automated, real-time order decisioning. Immediately gain built-in, comprehensive fraud prevention, order status notifications, and inventory management for your Shift4Shop store.

App Features
  • Accurate and real-time risk-scoring with adaptive AI
  • Identify and stop known and emerging utilizing two types of machine learning
  • Create, edit, and test business policies and rules to fine-tune protection
  • Risk-Free automation to expand confidently and without risk
  • Accelerate manual review process with simple scoring and easy access to critical data.
Kount Connector
Kount Connector
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Kount Connector Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a Shift4Shop End-to-End account and have set up Shift4 Payments. I would like to install the Kount integration. When I go to Shift4Shop Kount Settings, I receive the message "This plugin is not installed.".

Asked by: Bryan Thompson
A: Please be sure to click the Request Connector button on this page to connect to Kount fraud management suite https://apps.shift4shop.com/kount.html
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rglinton)

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