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Audio Player by Common Ninja
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Audio Player by Common Ninja

With Common Ninja’s Audio Player app you can promote your audio products, enrich your content and improve user experience by making your content more accessible. The app is easy to use & requires no coding knowledge.
About Audio Player by Common Ninja

Common Ninja’s Audio Player app is a great, versatile tool for those who’d like to add audio to their website. With it, you can enrich your content, promote your projects and improve your users’ experience. The app is easy to use, requires no coding knowledge, and comes with full customization options. It is perfectly responsive and features the ability to upload MP3 files, link URLs from various video and audio hosting platforms, shuffle the playlist and more!

Key Benefits
* Promote Yourself — Use this powerful tool to add your music, songs, podcasts, or other equally entertaining audio projects, and make your projects accessible to reach a wider audience!
* Enrich Your Content — Add more variety to your content and cater to the different needs of your audience. Add read-alongs for children to follow stories, create podcasts, or add accompanying music to your text.
* Improve User Experience — You can improve your users’ experience by making certain audio files available. You can, for example, create audio versions of your well-researched, highly informative, and exceptionally entertaining text, upload it via the app and allow visually impaired users to enjoy it. Or, make it available for those who are on the go and can’t sit and read your long text.

App Features
  • Multiple Audio Sources — The Audio Player app features the ability to add audio from various sources — be it MP3s or links to audio and video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and more!
  • Autoplay — The Audio Player app features the autoplay option that you can enable. With autoplay, you can engage your users immediately as they access your website. You can also create the desired atmosphere for your site visitors and make them aware of your audio files & products if needed.
  • Shuffle — The Audio Player comes with the shuffle option that will enable your users to listen to your audio in random order.
  • Playlist View — The Audio Player features the ability to toggle and customize the playlist view. You can customize the playlist and make it complement your style, or, alternatively, use the minimal version to create an aesthetic experience.
  • Multiple Layouts — The Audio Player app features several layouts for you to choose from like the mini-player or the enlarged thumbnail — choose what’s best for you! * Position — You can easily change the position of the Audio Player via the position option. Inline? Top right? Bottom left? Really, the choice is yours.
  • Perfectly Responsive — The Audio Player is perfectly responsive and will look great on any device. In a mobile-first world, this feature will put you ahead of your competitors.
  • Easy To Embed — You can embed the Audio Player on your website easily by copying a single line of code. The app will also be updated automatically with every change you make.
Audio Player by Common Ninja
Audio Player by Common Ninja
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