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Avalara AvaTax
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Avalara AvaTax

Avalara and Shift4Shop have partnered to provide the easiest way for you to accurately calculate and file sales tax. Do sales tax right with AvaTax.
About Avalara AvaTax
Shift4Shop and Avalara have partnered to provide automatic sales tax calculations within your cart, streamlining the tax compliance process while saving time, reducing errors, and cutting costs. Avalara AvaTax works with an extension that plugs into Shift4Shop, so you get an accurate tax calculation automatically on every shopping cart checkout. 

With a certified integration to AvaTax, Shift4Shop customers can be up and running in minutes. Join many small businesses who use the leader in sales tax automation and do sales tax right. For more information, please visit: https://www.shift4shop.com/shopping-cart-software/avalara-sales-tax.html
App Features
  • AvaTax calculates accurate sales tax based on the invoice details.
  • Your data is seamlessly integrated with 3dcart
  • Tax returns and audit reports at your fingertips
  • 100% accurate sales tax calculations
  • 60-day money back guarantee
Avalara AvaTax
Avalara AvaTax
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Avalara AvaTax Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need to collect sales tax (variable to zipcode) for all orders in Georgia and California, USA. Can this module do just that? I only need to be collecting sales tax in these two states, and not any others. Does this module only automatically file returns, or can i opt to do this manually using the reports generated by the module? How much would the subscription be for only these limited services? I would need this module on three separate 3d-cart stores.

Asked by: Stephen
A: Yes, the AvaTax module will allow you to do that. And while they offer the option for the automatic filing, it's optional and you don't have to use it. For the price and additional details, please contact Avalara directly at 877-855-8622 or visit https://www.avalara.com/integrations/3dcart/
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: Could this application automatically calculate taxes for Canada as well?

Asked by: Catherine Cortez
A: This is a terrible service, seriously don't use it. They end up causing more headaches than they solve. They've been a huge disappointment and giant waste of money to RC4WD.
Answer provided by: Jose Meza

Q: We already use Avalara with other software. Would there be an additional cost to use it with 3dcart? Or does the price only refer to the cost of the Avalara account?

Asked by: Michelle
A: You just need a valid Avalara account to integrate from Shop, but it might not be the best idea to mix the transactions from different platforms. Please reach out to your Avalara contact to confirm if this will work out for you.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rnaidu)

Q: Is the Avalara CertCapture portion integrated with 3dCart? Where Avalara syncs back to the customers account, to set them to non-taxable if a form is uploaded to Avalara.

Asked by: Joe
A: No, it does not do that currently.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rnaidu)

Q: We are selling Health and Beauty Cosmetic products and some edible snacks, how do we find the tax calculation for that?

Asked by: Tracee
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Q: I think Ive signed up for an account but i have not recieved any credentials

Asked by: Victor
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Q: How do you charge? By the month or the year? Im comparing to Shopify as they charge $19 a month?

Asked by: david arche
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Q: so, since we have to charge sales tax to everyone - all sates (unless they are exempt) what is the rate that is charged... or do you already have that set up

Asked by: jody
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Q: I signed up yesterday but never got the email to create an account. I tried again later and it said I already had an account so I tried to reset my password (that had not actually been created) and I didn't get the email again.

Asked by: Patricia Gordon
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Q: Hello ....we operate in Montana, where there is no sales tax. We run an Online drone business. Do you know if we need to collect tax?

Asked by: Adele Scholl
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Q: I sell occasionally to the EU (about 5 times in the last 5 years). I am interested in Avalara only for the EU Vat. I have Shift4Shop. What is the fee to get Avalara for use with EU Vat?

Asked by: BA
A: Thank you for your interest. Please reach out to Avalara directly at:
Phone: 877-759-6520 and/or Email: [email protected]
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rglinton)

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