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B2B Cost Center Locations
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B2B Cost Center Locations

About B2B Cost Center Locations

B2B eCommerce websites often sell only to a specific list of customers or locations. With this app, you can create a list of predefined locations for your customer groups to choose from on the checkout page, rather than allowing the customer to enter their own shipping address.

3dcart's B2B Cost Center Locations app is the perfect solution for any business that sells exclusively to other companies, franchises, or employees. Keep a list of approved Cost Center Locations and restrict B2B shoppers to them by customer group. Add and manage locations in your Shift4Shop dashboard and assign which addresses are visible to which customers, while preventing unapproved shipping addresses from being entered. Plus, you can view all orders placed per specific location, simplifying another aspect of B2B sales and record-keeping.

This app is another great tool from Shift4Shop for gaining maximum control over your business and B2B sales.

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B2B Cost Center Locations Frequently Asked Questions

Q: can this app be used on ore than one store?

Asked by: trish
A: Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rglinton)

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