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About Bablic

Grow your business worldwide - Translate your Shift4Shop website - 14-day free trial, no credit card required
Bablic is more than just translation. Our customers increase revenues and boost growth by translating their entire store with no headaches.

  • Reduce bounce rate, increase time on page, boost conversions and ROI on every product.
  • No coding needed. Our user-friendly Visual Editor can translate pictures, buttons, popups, and more
  • Choose your translation: Free machine translation, use your own translation, or easily hire one of our professional translation partners 
  • Instant global reach. Enter new markets in minutes for more visitors, engagement, and sales

Bablic's translation is 100% SEO-friendly. No headaches, and a free dedicated support team - which is why thousands of store owners trust us with their website's translation. Bablic works for you to bring you visitors with its SEO-friendly translation to increase your exposure and visibility in all the local search engines. In your store, Bablic offers your customers a smooth and natural shopping experience by detecting and displaying their native language automatically.

Bablic is a fully visual translation management solution, helping you roll out, roll back, and track multiple page versions more easily than ever. Making changes, adding new products or running promotions in multiple languages is as easy as you can imagine, so you can concentrate on running your store while Bablic has you covered worldwide.

What makes Bablic different?

  • What you see is what you get – with our Visual Editor you can fix style/CSS issues, then go live in a click 
  • Localized images and videos for a stunning shopping experience 
  • Optimal SEO with translated URL, subdomains, and meta tags translation 
  • Customized language selector to fit your store’s design · Easy content import/export to/from common file formats 
  • Full right-to-left support (Arabic, Hebrew, etc)

What else can you expect from Bablic Translation? 

  • Free consultation & support. Our dedicated localization experts will assist you in the process, so you’re never alone. 
  • Cost savings and uncompromised quality. Start with machine translation, then manually improve to save costs. Otherwise, access Bablic's network of professional translators, also used by industry leaders such as Google, IBM, and Expedia, from $0.06 per word. 
  • Bulletproof stability. 99.9% uptime guarantees you won't miss a sale. 
  • Collaboration. Give colleagues or employees limited or full access to your site’s Bablic dashboard. 
  • No contracts or hidden fees – ever.

App Features
  • BOOST YOUR SALES - Get customers from new countries with minimal effort and boost conversion rate by offering buyers to shop in their native language.
  • NO CODING NEEDED - Manage your multilingual site easily with our Visual Editor. Make changes with a few clicks and publish instantly in every language.
  • SUPER CUSTOMIZABLE - Best content quality and savings with machine, manual, or professional translation. Customize the language menu to fit your site's look.
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