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Cart Notices

Catch customer attention effortlessly with dynamic notices that appear in their carts and at checkout, customized according to their purchase
$9.99/month/ Free With Enterprise Plan
About Cart Notices
Do you want an easy way to notify customers about upsell items, promotional deadlines, or how much more they need to add to their cart to reach the minimum purchase amount for free shipping? Cart Notices can do all this and more. With this easy-to-use app, you can quickly create dynamic notices that will appear in customers' shopping carts and at checkout based on their purchase and your settings. 

Getting a customer's attention at the right moment can sometimes be hard. With Cart Notices, you can dynamically display information to shoppers where they're sure to see it. It only takes a few moments to create notices based on any of the following: 

• Minimum Amount: Perfect for letting customers know how much more they need to add to their cart to reach a purchase threshold for free shipping or other reasons, proven to increase order sizes. 

• Deadline: Currently running a promotion that's getting close to the end, or want to display other time-sensitive information to the shopper? Create urgency with a deadline that helps motivate them to purchase. 

• Products in Cart: Display a notice to customers based on specific products in their cart, great for upselling accessories, warranties, or other items, providing a link to online resources related to their purchase, and more. 

• Categories in Cart: Works just like Products in Cart but instead triggers off the category of items in the customer's cart.

App Features
  • Create dynamic notices to appear in customers' carts and checkout based on the conditions you set for the customer.
  • Automatically trigger notices based on Minimum Amount, Deadline, Products in Cart, or Categories in Cart.
  • Add custom messages to your notices, with dynamic variables to tailor them to the customer.
  • Include a CTA (Call to Action) on your notices to entice customers to click.
  • Customize the background, text, and CTA color for your notices.
  • Reduce cart abandonment and increase order sizes by engaging your customers at checkout.
Cart Notices
Cart Notices
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