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Re-use the product data in your Shift4Shop store to create listings on a growing collection of marketplaces.
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About ChannelUnity

Sell on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten & More 

ChannelUnity's innovative solution lets you re-use the product data in your Shift4Shop store to create listings on a growing collection of marketplaces worldwide. 

As orders are placed on your store & changes are made to your product stock levels, prices, images and descriptions, the system automatically updates your marketplace listings for you. And, as sales are placed on marketplaces, it'll import the orders into Shift4Shop so that you can manage them alongside your website orders! 

The net result is that you can sell on Amazon, eBay and Rakuten just by managing your Shift4Shop store. Ship the orders from ChannelUnity, and automatically notify the marketplace for you. Add stock of a product and that stock becomes available everywhere. 

App Features
  • We make it easier than ever to sell on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten & more
  • We re-use the product information in 3DCart to make it quick to create listings
  • As orders are placed on marketplaces we import them into your store
  • This means you can handle all of your orders from one place: 3DCart.
  • We update your stock levels & product data in real-time.
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ChannelUnity Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Need pricing info for syncing products from shift4shop to multichannel fulfillment.

Asked by: Jana
A: Hi Jana, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately our pricing depends on a few key details that we would need to find out from you e.g. Marketplaces in question, Product/SKU amounts and Product Data status. The way we process your request and find is best, is to have a conversation regarding what you are after and we can let you know all the details then. Get in touch with our team [email protected] and we can set up a call for sometime this week. Best wishes, Ethan
Answer provided by: Ethan Wade

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