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Checkout Additional Fees
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Checkout Additional Fees

Increase order value and offer additional upsell options by presenting additional optional fees to customers at checkout.
$19.99/month Or Free With Enterprise Plan
About Checkout Additional Fees
If you're looking for ways to increase your order value, you may have considered special options or bonuses for customers who are willing to pay extra. Perhaps you'd like to offer special packaging, extra services, rush priority, or other considerations to customers for a fee. Checkout Additional Fees is the perfect tool for adding any number of optional fees and fee types to your checkout, so you can offer additional services to your customers. 

Checkout Additional Fees makes it easy to set up different fee types that can be shown to all customers at checkout, or to specific Customer Groups that you choose. It's a fantastic tool for offering extras to customers, raising your order value, and expanding on your upsell strategy.

• Charge one-time fees

• Offer enhanced service for an extra charge

• Offer non-product bonuses

• Expand your sales strategy

Checkout Additional Fees comes included on professional plus plans and higher. Only available with Core templates using the single-page checkout.
App Features
  • Add extra optional fees to checkout for any reason.
  • Greater capability for upselling that isn't based strictly on the products purchased by the customer.
  • Give customers the opportunity to pay for faster turnaround time or other special treatment.
  • Create fees in dollar amounts or percentage of the customer's order.
  • Add as many checkout fees as you like, including variants of the same fee (e.g. "VIP Service" and "VIP Plus Service").
  • Let customers select fee variants from a dropdown menu or radio button.
  • Sort all checkout fees in the order you prefer.
  • Choose whether to mark a certain fee as "Required" so the customer will need to make a selection before they proceed through checkout ($0 fees can be created to represent a "no thanks" option).
  • Show or hide fees based on Customer Group or display them to all customers as needed.
  • Increase order value and customer satisfaction by providing more options to help meet customer needs.
Checkout Additional Fees
Checkout Additional Fees
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Checkout Additional Fees Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just want to be able to charge a ONE-TIME REGISTRATION FEE to all customers. Is this something I can achieve with the help of the plugin? Thanks.

Asked by: Victor (6/15/2020)
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Q: Can I charge a fee based on a specific product that is added to the cart? Example: I want to add a fee only if a cell phone is added to the cart.

Asked by: Luis (7/1/2021)
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