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Cloudflare Dedicated DV SSL
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Cloudflare Dedicated DV SSL

Dedicated SSL Certificates are automatically generated and propagate throughout Cloudflare global content delivery network, providing robust encryption, along with lightning fast performance and compatibility.
As low as $5/month
About Cloudflare Dedicated DV SSL
Cloudflare Dedicated SSL Certificates provides a cost effective fully managed SSL solution, eliminating the burden of generating private keys, creating certificate signing requests (CSR), renewing certificates, and many of the other maintenance tasks associated with traditional SSL certificates.

Cloudflare Dedicated Domain-Validated SSL
  • Dedicated SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated to your domain
  • Common Name (CN) is your fully qualified domain name (example.com)
  • Automatically renewed on your behalf
  • Protects example.com and *.example.com

Reduce Latency and Optimize Performance

Shorter physical distance between your certificate and your visitors results in enormous performance gains. Cloudflare distributes your certificates to our edge servers around the globe to significantly reduce the latency incurred during the TLS handshake.

Cloudflare has been a major contributor of emerging encryption technologies like the Transportation Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 protocol. TLS 1.3 provides unparalleled privacy and performance compared to previous versions of TLS, and Cloudflare is the first to offer TLS 1.3 on a global scale. The secure web is now more performant than any other previous version and non-secure HTTP.

Cloudflare has also been a leader in the global implementation of networking technologies like HTTP/2 and Server Push, which have been designed to improve page load times. A secure connection over HTTPS is required in order to take advantage of HTTP/2 and Server Push.

Optimal Compatibility Across Browsers and Devices

Cloudflare issued certificates are trusted by all common browsers, email clients, operating systems, and mobile devices.

For utmost compatibility, each Dedicated SSL Certificate includes three versions of the certificate SHA-2/ECDSA, SHA-2/RSA, SHA-1/RSA. When a browser attempts to connect to your domain, Cloudflare will serve the optimal certificate version to establish the connection.

The SHA-2/RSA and SHA-1/RSA certificates utilize a 2048-bit private key to secure data transmission where SHA-2/ECDSA certificates uses the P-256 curve. ECDSA results in smaller key sizes making TLS faster and more scalable while providing better security than the default cryptography in use on the web.
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Cloudflare Dedicated DV SSL Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between Cloudflare's Free SSL and the Dedicated on ?

Asked by: John
A: Yes
Answer provided by: Muktari Musa
A: Cloudflare also offers a free SSL option that is a Universal SSL. The Universal SSL is only used to encrypt traffic between a site visitor and Cloudflare and doesn’t encrypt traffic between Cloudflare and the origin web server.

Their free SSL requires the customer getting their own Cloudflare account, pointing your DNS to Cloudflare instead of 3dcart, and will be a Shared SSL that won't show your domain name attached to the security, instead it'll show a shared certificate that is associated with multiple websites on Cloudflare.
Answer provided by: 3dcart

Q: Is cloudfare a good substitute for Rapid SSL?

Asked by: Joe Baldoni
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Q: When I purchase this. Who is my registrar for my new domain? And how do I repoint DNS records to my 3dcart store?

Asked by: Sinqobile
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Q: Hi I want to purchase this SSL but have some questions about the promo...Just called to ask but it's after hours. Can I get this deal tomorrow after I've asked my questions? (it says that it's only valid today). Thanks

Asked by: andy
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Q: Does the DD-V SSL cover All pages of the site or just the home page?

Asked by: The Roamin' Roman, Inc.
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Q: Hi I have purchased the ssl certificate for my domain but I don't understand why my site is still under 3dcart domain, how should I proceed, thank you is urgent.

Asked by: vincenzo
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Q: Is 3dcart going to answer questions and provide an overall education regarding SSL? If yes, it would be helpful to put that information here where you keep trying to sell us on SSL. A bit of effort on your part would save us customers a lot of time and aggravation. Otherwise, could you please stop with the annoying popups?

Asked by: Time wasted
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Q: I am adding an SSL certificate to my 3dcart site for the first time. Do I need to create a CSR or does this happen automatically when I purchase the certificate?

Asked by: Seth Pauley
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Q: is the fee for full HTTPS on my site a one time fee or is that also monthly?

Asked by: foodiesgeneralstore.com
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Q: How can I cancel the service on old doman I had on my 3dcart store zestvapore.com? I don't need any more ssl for this domain I just switched to medsource.us and I add ssl service to this domain when I requested the switch.

Asked by: Himan Malek
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