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Doba is a powerful dropshipping supplier directory and a hassle-free listing tool, enabling you to discover and add products to your store easily!
About Doba
The redesigned Doba app features an easy-to-use interface and seamless integration. Access to countless products from dynamic suppliers ensuring quality products are available to users.

CLOUD-BASED PRODUCT DISCOVERY Gain access to products with great margins from numerous unique suppliers to find just the right assortment for your business.

NETWORK OF TOP US-BASED AND INTERNATIONAL SUPPLIERS Source products from Doba’s selection of suppliers with confidence that the product is of high quality and will deliver on time.

ORDER AUTOMATION When orders are placed through your Shift4Shop store, they are simultaneously synced inside the Doba app.

FILTER PRODUCTS Filter by any combination of category, price, supplier, shipping origin, available quantity, and much more!

App Features
  • Access to trusted suppliers around the world.
  • Cloud-based product discovery with customized lists.
  • Full order automation with order synchronization.
  • Advanced product search and filtering.
  • Competitive product margins for your business.
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