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Inventory Source

Since 2003, Inventory Source has helped online sellers navigate the challenges of their wholesale dropship eCommerce strategies.
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About this app
Inventory Source is the leader in Drop Ship Inventory Management Solutions and can help you sell more and manage less. 

We provide you with access to our free supplier database, where you can find over 250+ integrated suppliers, including specialty niche suppliers and more. 

We automatically load all product data, including images and descriptions to your Shift4Shop site and also provide you powerful tools to help manage and customize your feed. 

We also monitor your feed daily, providing updates on prices, quantities and statues for your products. 

Inventory Automation services starting at $50 a month. 

Full Automation services starting at $175 a month. 

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App Features
  • Find trusted wholesalers & research their details from your free account.
  • Automatically load products & images to your site.
  • Automated updating of price, quantity & status for all products.
  • Customize categories and prices with simple controls.
  • 100% of the profits from your sales are yours to keep.
Inventory Source
Inventory Source
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Works better than I expected. Saves me countless hours of work everyday.
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Questions and Answers

Q: Does your plugin get products from AliExpress?

Asked by: Richard Porter
A: We do not work specifically with AliExpress. We are integrated with over 200 dropship suppliers but about 90% of them are based here in the US. Check out US Direct (gousdirect.com) as a good alternative to quick access to products like AliExpress except it is all US sourced products.
Answer provided by: Austin Rose

Q: What is the rate of return for merchandise for vendors you offer for your drop ship program? What is the typical return protocol for your vendors? Do I need to have the product that was shipped from the vendor be shipped to me and then I ship it back to the vendor or should I inform my customer to send it to the vendor themselves. This information is vital in case of a return or refund is desired.

Asked by: Michael
A: Our suppliers are specifically dropship distributors that can ship the products directly to your customer. All return policies are handled between you and the supplier as you form the B2B relationship and we help with the data automation side of things to your 3dcart.
Answer provided by: Austin Rose

Q: Is the integrating problem fixed?

Asked by: William Clark
A: Please reach out to our support team at [email protected] for any issues that you might need an update on.
Answer provided by: Austin Rose

Q: Has the integration for Petra been approved?

Asked by: William Clark
A: Please reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected] for questions specific to your account and/or integration(s) with us.
Answer provided by: Austin Rose

Q: How does one install your app in an existing 3DCart setup? You click the link to "GET APP" and it takes you to a InventorySource more info page that wants me to get an account. I have an account and I can login. Terrible Directions when the link says "GET APP" !!!

Asked by: Matthew
A: I am having this same issue, did you ever find a solution?
Answer provided by: Danielle Ladd

Q: How do install the inventorysource app onto my 3Dcart?

Asked by: Danielle Ladd
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Q: Your install app is not working. It keeps taking me back to pay for service. I did already.

Asked by: Kim J
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Q: I dont see an inventory source app for this store

Asked by: marcus watson
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Q: I have a 3Dcart store (so I don't need to build my store) - can you tell me how to integrate the Inventory Source app? or do I perform the integrations one at a time with each of my fulfillment partners? Thanks! Robin

Asked by: Robin Laurie Stears
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Q: I see there's no app in your app store. I contacted support about this and their response was I needed to contact Inventory Source. The app needs to be installed and s4s, don't support it?

Asked by: Dave
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