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Make An Offer
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Make An Offer

Choose which products you want to include, define the minimum amount you'd accept and let your customers do the rest.
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Free on Plus & Pro Plans
About this app
Make An Offer

How cool would it be if you could allow your online shoppers to make a real-time offer on specific products housed inside your eCommerce website? Well, with 3dcart's Make an Offer application, now you can. Here's how it works. Simply install the module, choose which products you want to include, define the minimum amount you'd accept and let your customers do the rest. If the offer they make meets or exceeds the minimum amount defined by you, then bam, the item is sold. The best part is, after choosing which products to include and defining their base price, the Make an Offer module will automatically take care of everything else. If a customer makes a bid that falls below your pre-defined base price, they'll automatically be informed and allowed to submit another offer.

Why you'll love Make an Offer
  • Increased sales and escalated visitor traffic
  • Easy offer tracking allows you to effectively monitor product activity
  • Customizable from top to bottom
  • Designed to increase sales and user engagement
  • Fully supported by 3dcart
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Gain a seller's advantage over your competition
Make An Offer
Make An Offer
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Questions and Answers

Q: according to your pricing and different levels for this program. Make an offer is only available at certain price levels?

Asked by: Tracy
A: Make-an-Offer is already included on the Plus plan or higher.
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: Does Make an Offer allow customers to offer on any quantity available or does the offer only apply to one?

Asked by: James Mosieur
A: Make an Offer is per product only. Please view our KB article for more information: https://support.3dcart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/318/14/how-do-i-use-the-make-an-offer-feature
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rglinton)

Q: Hello, when we receive offer email Can we also get URL address of the page from where the customer submitter the offer?

Asked by: lasha
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