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Product Page Get-a-Quote
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Product Page Get-a-Quote

Add a Get-A-Quote button to your product page and allow visitors to request more information.
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Get a CRM contact form that can be linked from the product page for products. When the link is clicked, a modal window will pop up with a preview of the product thumbnail, name and part number. The form will send an email using the built-in CRM system and will include the product details and the contact information.

Great for products requiring additional questions, quote requests, etc.

*Product Page Get-a-Quote is free for any shop using Shift4 Payments as their credit card processor. If you're not using Shift4 Payments, learn how to enable it in your shop.

Product Page Get-a-Quote
Product Page Get-a-Quote
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For the amount of money this app cost, it is a huge disappointment. It could be such a great tool so easily - with just a few tweaks - but is not. There are no settings, no control, and no - (even though it says you can) you can not add additional questions...at least not the way they would like you to think. Maybe if you're a coding guru. Big disappointment.
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from msi-viking.com
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Questions and Answers

Q: Can you allow the customers request a quote on more than one items? thanks!

Asked by: David
A: Yes, this can be used for all the products in your store.
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: Is it possible to have this app function WITHOUT having "not for sale" checked?

Asked by: Joe
A: No. It's not possible to add anything, or use it in any other way than the fields they put on they include, not possible to use it without having NFS check, there are NO settings on this app. No alterations allowed (without paying LOTS more money). Not only that, the Get a Quote form asks for the customer's email, but then doesn't even put it on the email received by the store. So you have to go to the CRM admin panel to find it. Of course, as usual 3dCart wants extra $$ to add it to the email. We have tried to do it ourselves but they won't give us the field tag info to do it. $500 for this app! It's worth $50. It's sad.
Answer provided by: Betsy

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