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A solid shipping management software is critical to the success of any eCommerce venture. You can have the most refined website and the most appealing products in your industry, and those are important as well. However, your fortunes ultimately rest on being able to fulfill your orders quickly, efficiently, and without damage to the purchased items. Shipping management software can give you access to the carriers that make this possible, as well as the tools you need to keep tabs on every order from the initial packaging to the doorstep delivery.

You have plenty of excellent options for which software you use with your online store. We can show you how to pick the right one for you with this comparison between two of the best: ShipStation and ReadyShipper.

ReadyShipper vs. Shipstation Pricing

ReadyShipper only has one price plan:

·         ReadyShipper — $20/mo

o   Being the only price plan, it comes with everything that the software has to offer

However, if you want to use ReadyShipper, you will also need a license for ReadyCloud CRM. This CRM software is something else altogether, and the monthly fee for using it is $24/mo. That leaves you with a grand total of $44/mo. This may seem hefty, but at least you get a whole feature-packed CRM system in addition to the shipping software.

In contrast to the single price plan of its competitor, ShipStation has six different payment tiers:

·         Starter — $9/mo

o   50 shipments/mo

o   1 user

o   Branded labels and packing slips

o   Email support and community forum support

·         Bronze — $29/mo

o   500 shipments/mo

o   1 user

o   Branded labels and packing slips

o   Email support and community forum support

·         Silver — $49/mo

o   1500 shipments/mo

o   2 users

o   Customized packing slips and branded labels

o   Email support, community forum support, and live chat support

·         Gold — $69/mo

o   3000 shipments/mo

o   3 users

o   Customized packing slips and branded labels

o   Email support, community forum support, and live chat support

·         Platinum — $99/mo

o   6000 shipments/mo

o   5 users

o   Customized packing slips and branded labels

o   Email support, community forum support, and live chat support

·         Enterprise — $159/mo

o   Unlimited monthly shipments

o   10 users

o   Customized packing slips and branded labels

o   Email support, community forum support, live chat support, and phone support

ShipStation’s Starter and Bronze plans both cost less than the total for both ReadyShipper and ReadyCloudCRM. However, both of those plans come with almost all of the same features as even the highest ShipStation plan, which means you can get more for your money with this software.

ReadyShipper vs. Shipstation Carrier Integrations

ReadyShipper is a multi-carrier solution that enables users to ship with:

·         UPS

·         USPS

·         FedEx

These carriers are the most essential for eCommerce. On top of this, Flat Rate Select is built into the software. That means you (and therefore your customers) can receive the lowest rates for USPS Priority Mail packages weighing below 20 pounds through ReadyShipper, and all without any growth tax.

In contrast, ShipStation goes above and beyond with more than 30 additional integrations. These include, but are not limited to:

·         UPS (including UPS UK, UPS Australia, and UPS Canada)

·         USPS

·         FedEx (including FedEx Canada and FedEx UK)

·         Royal Mail

·         Canada Post

·         Parcelforce Worldwide

·         Australia Post

·         Amazon (including Fulfillment by Amazon and Seller Fulfilled Prime)

·         DHL (including DHL Express and DHL eCommerce)

·         RR Donnelley

·         Landmark Global

·         Asendia USA

As you can see, ShipStation has an impressively diverse selection of regional carriers, national services, and international companies that outshines the basic selection from ReadyShipper. Any business that regularly receives a high volume of orders from around the world — and any business that wants to — may want to choose ShipStation so they can have all these options at their disposal.

ReadyShipper vs. Shipstation Returns

Automatic return label inclusion is also available under all ShipStation plans, and the interface enables you to easily create such labels for specific orders. We should note that according to ShipStation’s guidelines, taking back a return would be considered a shipment. That means the same package could be included twice in the number of shipments for the month: once for when you send it to the customer, and another for when they send it back to you.

Perhaps surprisingly, ReadyShipper does not include anything in its software regarding product returns. If you want to take care of those, you will need ReadyReturns, an additional solution under the ReadyCloud umbrella. This automated software comes with plenty of features, including the ability to charge return fees, custom rules and conditions for returns, and multiple warehouse support. It costs $99/mo, but you may be able to get it at a discount or even for free if you qualify for the UPS Customer Technology Program.

ReadyShipper vs. Shipstation Shipping Labels

One of the few differences between ShipStation’s price plans is in shipping labels. To be specific, the ability to customize your packing slips only becomes available from the Silver plan onwards. That payment tier costs $49/mo, which is just a few bucks over the cost of ReadyShipper plus ReadyCloud. With that said, printing labels is pretty simple with ShipStation’s interface, and it can even be automated.

You can use ReadyShipper to pump out some standard shipping labels with thermal printers. If you want to create your own custom labels for your customers, you can also — and you may have seen this coming — use yet another service from ReadyCloud. With ReadyLabels, you can print out large labels that contain the required shipping information, the packing list, and even a comment card where you can leave personalized messages for your customers. They boast about their ability to print one label per second, and they even offer a rewards system for frequent users. Note that their price is $17.95 for each unit.

ReadyShipper vs. ShipStation Summary

ShipStation is a handy and user-friendly solution with multiple price plans and many features common to all of them. This means that small businesses can get a great shipping management software without breaking the bank, but big businesses in particular have the most to gain from the app’s biggest perks.

Alternatively, if you have the funds for its various counterpart solutions, ReadyShipper can be highly useful in its own right. You can gain access to a veritable suite of largely automated multi-carrier shipping services that help with everything from managing customer relationships to printing labels at lightning speed.

The truth is that choosing the best shipping software requires more than just reading and comparing the features lists. More important than that is knowing what your business needs from such a software, and the best way to understand this is to test your options on your store. ShipStation offers a free trial that lasts 30 days, and you can similarly use ReadyShipper at no cost for 14 days. With the above information in mind, give them a try and see for yourself.

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