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Time to Reorder
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Time to Reorder

Send automatic reminders to customers when is time to re-order. Proven to increase sales for goods requiring periodical replacement.
$49.99/monthly Or Free With Enterprise Plan
About this app
Time to Reorder 

If your product line contains items that need regular replenishment – such as how to sell supplements, replacement parts, pet products, home maintenance, etc – then Time to Reorder is perfect for you!

This additional plugin will allow you to configure reminders that will automatically be sent to your customers notifying them that it’s time to reorder their item.

Keep your customers well supplied with their renewable products automatically!

What can Time to Reorder do for my store?

  • Send reminder emails to your customers automatically when it comes time to reorder. 
  • Boost sales for products that typically need to be replaced on a regular basis, ie hygiene products, office supplies etc.
  • Create customized product reminders with replenishment time periods that you choose. 
  • Give you an opportunity to foster repeat purchases through customized reminder email campaigns. 

Strategies to Use Time to Reorder in Your Store

Here’s some suggestions on how to strategize and get the most out of Time to Reorder on your online store:

Remind Customers Before Supplies Run Out

If you’re selling a product that usually needs to be repurchased relatively frequently, Time to Reorder is a great opportunity to encourage your customers to come back to you for that repeat purchase. Optimize your reminders by customizing the replenishment time period for each product it’s on. For example, if you’re selling a supplement that contains enough capsules for 30 days, give your customers the option to select a Time to Reorder reminder that will let them know to reorder in 30 days before they run out. They’re not locked into that future purchase (in case they don’t end up liking the supplement) but they’ll be reminded of it at the right time anyway if they do want to buy it again.

Set Up Automatic Reminders without Customer Input

By automatically setting up order reminder emails whenever any customer purchases a specific product, you’ll give customers a pleasant surprise down the road when they may have forgotten that they bought from you or were never extremely invested in you to begin with. Now, with a surprise email that shows you still remember them, customers will be pleasantly surprised and more willing to engage with your brand. 

Save Customers with Emails “Just in Time”

There’s nothing better than being a customer and getting close to running out of a product that you need to restock soon, only to check your email inbox to see a reminder and CTA to buy it again just before you’re out. By adding this feature, you’ll potentially save a customer from forgetting to restock and running out of their product, positioning your brand as one that cares that they have what they need and remembers that they bought from you. 

Encourage Reminder Sign-Up with a Promotion

Order reminders are great for ensuring repeat purchases, and offering a discount for signing up will make a huge difference in encouraging that repeat purchase to happen. With a customer that otherwise wouldn’t have signed up for a reminder, offering an incentive will push them over that edge to click that button. After all, it’s a free reminder email that they’re signing up for, so they have nothing to lose while you have everything to gain. 

How to Get Started with Time to Reorder

Step 1: Purchase the app and wait for the confirmation email from your Project Manager.

Step 2: Locate the Product Reminders Module in your Shift4Shop Online Store Manager.

Step 3: Edit your reminder frequency settings.

Step 4: Enable the Product Reminders plugin.

Step 5: Locate the specific products that you want reminders on in Products > Product List.

Step 6: Mark the Enable Reminders option in the Advanced product settings tab.

Step 7: Edit the Reminder Email template in Settings > Design > Emails.

Step 8: Sit back and enjoy your new Product Reminders!

App Features
  • Configure your reminder settings to specify the frequency options available to your customer
  • Specify which products will have reminders available
  • When your customer orders a renewable item they can sign up for reminder emails during the ordering process
Time to Reorder
Time to Reorder
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Questions and Answers

Q: Is it possible to set the reminders to automatically send emails and not show the options to the customer to set the reminder or turn off the reminder?

Asked by: Bryan
A: Yes, it's possible to set the remind to go out automatically instead of asking the customer to select the reminder frequency
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: Can this app be used to send text messages to our customer's phones?

Asked by: David Anderson
A: Unfortunately, this cannot be used to send text messages.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rglinton)

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