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Restrictive Shipping
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Restrictive Shipping

3dcart’s Restrictive Shipping add-on allows you to restrict individual products to use specific shipping methods when they are purchased.
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About Restrictive Shipping

3dcart’s Restrictive Shipping add-on allows you to restrict individual products to use specific shipping methods when they are purchased.

For example, if your store sells a mixture of perishable and non-perishable items, you may need to restrict your perishable items to use an overnight shipping method whenever it is present on the order. This way, regardless of whether your customer purchases a perishable item on its own or in conjunction with non-perishable items, the restricted shipping method will always apply to the order.

Restrictive Shipping
Restrictive Shipping
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Restrictive Shipping Reviews
Restrictive Shipping
I was looking for a solution to the added costs and restriction for shipping Hazmat materials. While the applet add-on did allow me to restrict air shipment on a product by product basis (can't to a csv upload), and I can add a shipping up charge, it falls short for my needs because if I charge $35 for a hazmat shipping surcharge, if the customer orders 6 pieces, the 3dcart will apply a $210 surcharge to the order. So I'm losing sales of these products.
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Restrictive Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this app allow a .csv upload of restricted shipping methods, or does one have to go in and adjust each item individually?

Asked by: Jim Ludwig
A: Yes it does and don't have to go and adjust each item
Answer provided by: Joanne Meadows
A: Actually, it does allow CSV uploads. It is similar to uploading multiple product options. The main problem with this plug in is that it does not work when a shopping cart has both restricted and unrestricted items in it. That renders it essentially useless. If they allowed a customer to split their shipping into two boxes or let the admin configure the region where each product was available this could work better.
Answer provided by: Brendan
A: Is this app helpful to integrate with the drop shipping module for setting Shipping cost for different distributor who are located from different origin country? We are looking to find a solution that can help us to set shipping cost based on distributor origin location to customer delivery location as a table rates so that we can add domestic and international shipping rates for each distributor.
Answer provided by: Sarath
A: The Restrictive Shipping plugin does not include the ability to update products in bulk using a CSV file.
Answer provided by: John

Q: is this a one time fee or is this per month?

Asked by: Ric
A: Yes, the $199 is a one-time fee.
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: Does this app work with the Advanced Shipping module?

Asked by: John
A: No, this will only work with shipping methods set up in 3dcart and not on third-party apps like Advanced Shipping Manager. They do have the capability of restricting the shipping methods on their system.
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: Can i restrict the option to ship an item express with this app?

Asked by: nesha
A: Yes, that's exactly what the app does, it allows you to restrict shipping options for specific products.
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: I am a 3d cart customer tvactools.com I want more info. on the Restrictive Shipping App. More details on how it works, what it can do, and maybe some screw shots? Thanks, Vince

Asked by: Vince pascarella
A: Thank you for your interest. Please view our knowledgebase article to learn more about Restrictive Shipping : https://support.3dcart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/484/49/how-do-i-use-the-restrictive-shipping-module
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rglinton)

Q: I would like to try out this add-on before paying the fee. Is it possble to get trial for 30-days to see if it does what we need. The information on the page is insufficient to make that determination.

Asked by: Saul Kanowitz
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Q: Will this app allow you to set a price for a specific item, but if the item is bundled with many others, it will place that shipping cost in effect? For example : Customer orders 1 barrel. That's easy - 7.99 shipping. But what is the customer orders 1 barrel and two triggers. I still want the shipment to be 7.99..or maybe 12.99. Can someone please give me a call @ 336-803-6919 or 336-707-1050? Thank you

Asked by: Brittany East
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Q: With this app, can the customer add a product to their cart but without shipping? We want them to end up in the cart, but without the ability to check out, directing them to call us to place the order?

Asked by: Tina
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Q: I have the same question as Dan. Q: I have certain products that I cannot ship to certain states, RS do this? Asked by: Dan Van Wie (5/17/2019)

Asked by: Kent
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Q: I have 4 types of products: A. Ships either USPS or FedEx. B. Ships FedEx only. C. Ships flat rate $6 by postal or $29.99 by FedEx. and D. Ships flat rate $10.95. Since I have 2 different flat rate shipping costs for postal and a third for customers who want to upgrade to FedEx, I need to be certain this will work in all cases before I spend the money on it. Will it work?

Asked by: Crazy Bird Lady
A: Thank you everyone for your inquiries. Please contact technical support at [email protected] or call 800-828-6650 for assistance with Restrictive shipping.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (rglinton)

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