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Shopgate allows you to get a mobile site for your store as well as iOS and Android Apps!
About Shopgate
Shopgate allows you to get a mobile site for your store as well as iOS and Android Apps! Our solution is recommended by over 11,000 stores as it can be integrated perfectly into your system through a simple plugin. Integrating your shop takes only a few hours with no investment! With Shopgate, your mobile visitors will become customers: fast loading, optimised for touch screens, clear navigation, optimal mobile payment methods, SEO and branch locator with GPS. You can easily connect your Shift4Shop - Onlineshop with the mobile solution of Shopgate and get access to all important mobile platforms. The Shopgate solution is easy to install and can be ready within minutes. Just get your plugin and Shopgate automatically uploads your products to your new mobile website.
App Features
  • Mobile Websites for Smartphones and Tablets
  • iPhone and iPad Apps
  • Android Apps for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Push-Notifications + 200 unique Features
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Shopgate Reviews
DO NOT TRY! The initial experience was nice, they would design the mobile version and start working on app afterwards. Typical process. The problems started occurring after few weeks when mobile site would be acting up on their site, with either no payments going through or products being removed from the mobile version altogether plus many more. We stayed while working on the Apps. The apps were total disaster, with so many issue that we have dozens and dozens of emails between tech support explaining why either the products are gone or payments are not working or many many many more issues. While their local tech support was doing their best, our company took a very bad hit in terms of how we look and present ourselves to our customers as we were losing their trust and patience. I discourage any serious business person to engage with this place as the communication toward the end was just not enough, the product is simply awful and not worth the hassle nor your business reputation. Also, no refund given, credit card charges were disputed. Now the attempt to use collections against us.
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from refereestorer.com
I "purchased" the servicers in January. We have a large website with lots of options, required questions upon checkout, etc. Shopgate is the WORST vendor with whom I have ever worked. They are lax, they don't pay attention to detail, and they claim they can't "duplicate" obvious problems with their integration with 3D Cart. I paid over $9100 for our app and have filed a chargedback to recoup my losses. We launched their app for ONE DAY and were inundated with customer complaints. 3D... you should drop these people. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, YOU STAFF TIME AND SUFFER THE UTTER FRUSTRATION WITH THESE PEOPLE.
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Too expensive, too generic, technical support is a pain in the rear end and often times you have to communicate with germans.
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from USA
Excellent Customer Service
Shopgate is a terrific company. Everything that they say they will do, they do! We've been quite pleased with the cheerful, speedy and committed staff that helps us each and every time we have issues with our app. Thank you Shopgate for your terrific service.
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from shopgate.com
Worst company ever
Don't subject yourself with dealing with this company. Aside from their very poor integration and implementation with 3dcart. The service is expensive for what it offers, and they do not honor their agreements. I was told I could cancel for a full refund "free trial" within 14 days of going live. The site never went live because of their poor implementation, and they refused to give me a refund, because "Our Vice President saw that we had completely finished development on our end, so unfortunately we will not be able to issue a refund" So what exactly is the trial period for?? STAY AWAY.
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