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Veratad Age Verification
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Veratad Age Verification

Veratad’s Identity & Age Verification are the best way to provide fraud and compliance in your store
About Veratad Age Verification

Veratad’s IDresponse is a suite of powerful, cloud-based verification technologies designed to reduce fraud and compliance risk while maximizing profit. Veratad's AgeMatch Solution is an Industry Leading Age Verification Service designed to protect children from unauthorized access to online age restricted content and merchandise, while protecting businesses from potential compliance liability.

Identity Verification
Real-time Online Identity Verification is available in just seconds for over 3 billion citizens worldwide.

Age Verification
Protect your business and your customers by preventing unauthorized access to age restricted merchandise and content.

Seemless Age Check
The initial age and identity verification will take place after the customer places their order, eliminating the chance that frustration with an age gate will prevent their order.

Optional Second Chance Features
When a customer fails the initial check, you can choose to request more details right away, or you can choose to leave that up to your own team. We give you the ability to control what you ask for, and what is optional or required in order to try the check again. You can rename fields, provide extra information, and make the process easy for your customers.

Verify Government Issued IDs
With DCAMS and DCAMS+ options from Veratad, you can give customers that fail your checks the option of providing their government issued ID. You can choose to collect IDs for manual review, or process their uploads with our automated image verification system that reads the cards for you!
App Features
  • Responsibly compares an online visitor’s data entry against billions of records from multiple trusted data sources empowering you to verify customer age for U.S. citizens
  • Requires ONLY Name, DOB and Address to Verify.
  • Transactional Reporting Designed For End User Privacy Protection
  • Reduces The Risk Of Charge-Backs
Veratad Age Verification
Veratad Age Verification
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