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Mega Menu Builder
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Mega Menu Builder

Adding a Mega Menu to your online store is just as effortless as it will be for your customers to navigate your site
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About this app
Navigation has never looked better and flowed easier than it will with a Mega Menu enabled on your Shift4Shop store.

Typical drop-down menus can become exhaustingly long lists that customers will dread scrolling through to find what they’re looking for. With a Mega Menu, navigation becomes effortless by guiding customers through a functional and visually appealing flow of categories and sub-categories. Now, with the Shift4Shop Mega Menu Builder, you can easily implement a Mega Menu into your online store’s core theme. 

3dcart’s Mega Menu Builder module allows you to fully customize a mega menu that dynamically reveals nested sub-menus and categories on your online store. Keep your site theme and navigation cohesive by customizing the Mega Menu’s theme, background color, text color and width. 

With the Mega Menu Builder, you have the option to enable any combination of these 3 types of menu layouts:

  • Tree Menus include navigation options that are nested within menu categories, allowing you to add up to 3 levels of tree navigation sections.
  • Column Menus include large clickable icons or images organized in columns that can be used to represent categories, products, etc. 
  • Tabbed Menus combine tree menus and column menus into one, with a tree menu on the left that opens up to reveal column menus on the right.

For information on setting up and placing this onto your store, please see our documentation here.

App Features
  • Customize theme, color and width of your navigation bar.
  • Utilize Tree Menus, Column Menus and Tabbed Menus.
  • Add up to 3 levels of nested tree menus.
  • Control exact categories, sub-categories, products and more that show up in your menus.
  • Rearrange the order you want menu options to show up in.
  • Use graphics and icons to make your menus easier to navigate and more visually appealing.
Mega Menu Builder
Mega Menu Builder
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Questions and Answers

Q: Is there a way to drag and drop menu items to change the order they're in?

Asked by: Laura
A: Hi Laura, I wanted to touch base regarding the Mega Menu organization. It appears that there isn't an option to rearrange the items once the menu has been created. As a workaround, you'll need to delete the existing menu and start over, ensuring that you input everything in the desired order for display. I've already initiated a ticket to address this issue, along with other related matters. We're working on resolving it promptly.
Answer provided by: Antonio Romeo

Q: Does this work with all themes - 3Dcart or By Expert themes ? Also is it included in the Enterprise plan at no additional cost ?

Asked by: Ted Laverty
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Q: Can this menu be implemented in an ADA compliant manner? Currently, on the demo site, it is not.

Asked by: brian
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