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Carrier Delivery Notifications
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Carrier Delivery Notifications

Keep your customers informed and satisfied
$29/month Or Free With Enterprise Plan
About Carrier Delivery Notifications
When customers order a product from your site, they may feel a bit anxious or eager. This is a positive sign that your products are items that people truly want. However, when people wait for their orders to arrive, they may start to worry that it has been delayed indefinitely. If they wait too long with no sign, they may grow impatient with the shipment and distrustful of your business. No one likes to be left in the dark. 

3dcart’s Carrier Delivery Notifications can keep your customers informed and satisfied. With this module, your website’s software can automatically send emails when the order is first shipped out and when it reaches its destination. Instead of wondering if their purchased products have arrived or even left the warehouse yet, your customers can now know for sure. That means less phone calls, greater satisfaction, and a smoother shipping experience. 

Merchants on the Pro plan or higher can make use of this exciting feature from 3dcart.
App Features
  • Communicate with customers through automation technology
  • Reduce the number of support calls
  • Receive additional confirmation of delivery, for authenticity
Carrier Delivery Notifications
Carrier Delivery Notifications
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Carrier Delivery Notifications Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what points in the shipping process do customers receive emails?

Asked by: Adam
A: Customers receive their first email when their order has been packaged and sent on its way to the customer, or out for delivery. The second message comes when the carrier confirms that it has been delivered, which is why it is known as delivery confirmation.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User

Q: How does the module know when the delivery has been shipped and delivered?

Asked by: Aaron
A: This software keeps an eye on two pieces of information: the tracking number for the order, and the status of the order with that number on the carrier’s database. When the status on that order is changed to “Out for delivery” and “Delivered,” it automatically triggers the emails.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User

Q: Which shipping carriers are compatible with Carrier Delivery Notifications?

Asked by: Amanda
A: You can send these notification emails on orders made through UPS, USPS, and FedEx.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User

Q: Is the tracking page (third screen shot) a S4S page or the Carriers page? Are the Carrier Delivery Notifications Emails customizable like other S4S emails? Thank you

Asked by: Joe
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