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Convermax Search
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Convermax Search

Convert visitors into customers with advanced filters and a superior search experience for Shift4Shop online stores
$250 - $850 /month
About Convermax Search
Convert visitors into customers with a great search experience! 
Convermax is trusted by 30+ Shift4Shop clients since 2014. 

Research proves that up to 70% of shoppers use filters and up to 35% use the search bar. Searchers are three times more likely to purchase products. Based on our experience integrating the cutting-edge site search solution substantially increases the conversion rate by 32%. Convermax provides an easy to use search and filtering interface to boost your sales and improve your customer satisfaction. All installation and configuration work is on us.
App Features
  • Complete Integration with 3dcart (Price Level Groups, Product Options, Reviews, Inventory Status, Sales Data and more)
  • Merchandising Tools: Product Recommendations, Promotions, Redirects
  • Rich Autocomplete & Advanced Filters
  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Risk-free. We won’t charge you unless you love it.
Convermax Search
Convermax Search
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Convermax Search Reviews
Marketing Director
I only wish that we had hired ConverMax years ago. Several years ago we looked into one of the other search bot providers and had sticker-shock, so we tabled the idea. In today's e-commerce environment, we felt it was no longer optional...we had to do something. This time we discovered ConverMax. We recently partnered with them to implement a smarter search interface than what comes with a 3dCart site. ConverMax is truly smart - it learns as it goes to return better and better results as time passes! The design and UI is clean and easy. Even better, it's very reasonably priced for what you get, and working with their team is a true pleasure. They continued improvements and tweaks to our interface and search criteria until we were happy with it...both functionally and cosmetically. They are very responsive - usually responding to emails within an hour or less; and smart, capable, and accommodating. I can't think of one single thing we've asked of them they couldn't or wouldn't do. Awesome customer service. I'm very happy and would recommend them without hesitation.
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from South Carolina
Excellent Search and Category Filtering
Convermax is an excellent choice for any site that has a large number of product offerings. The vastly improved search function gets customers to their choice of products faster and more effectively to boost overall site conversion over the standard 3dcart search. The category filtering helps our customers not get assaulted by a huge amount of products and narrows down selections based on pricing, brands, and even custom filtering to help get customers down to choices that best match their budget and preferences. On the development side, Alex and his team are extremely responsive and were able to come up with a method of implementing custom filtering without needing to make a massive change to how we used 3dcart. Alex and team have stepped up to all the challenges and issues that we've come across and have communicated quickly and effectively with the very few tickets we've have to open over our several years of using Convermax.
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from Phoenix
Business Operations Manager
We´ve stablished a partnership with Convermax to strategize, plan and execute the most robust and complex change we´ve had in our online platform in years, where search engine field and product filters had to be totally transformed. The success of this implementation resulted in a faster and lighter navigation, and the new filters engine are allowing customers to find and combine products more intuitively. Overall customer satisfaction are coming strongly and sales increment are coming on the same direction.
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from Brazil
President / Owner
It is refreshing when you work with a team of tech people who deliver on exactly what they promise with excellent communication at all times. The support I received from Alex and the team at Convermax was actually better than the service of the actual platform we are hosting our website on. They went above and beyond what they could have done for us and have proved they are truly a team of specialists in what they do. I look forward to many years to come working with this quality team of people! Great job!
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from Vermont
Internet Division Manager
These guys are amazing! I've been responsible for the research, implementation and use of site-search platforms for years, including the favorite of IRCE's Top 500 Websites. Nothing has matched the features, the integration with our platform, the flexibility, the helpfulness, and the implementation competency of Convermax and the team we worked with: Alex and Sergey. I was initially concerned that the relatively small flat fee for installation and endless customization would end up being limited enhancements, but I was wrong. These guys not only did everything we asked and were patient with the many iterations requested after a feature went Live, they even suggested improvements. Not only was our team friendly and quick, their work was good. The product and its enhancements were solid; if issues were found (which was rare), they were addressed and fixed immediately. Convermax is state-of-the-art and employs many features that other tools I researched could not do, but its customization possibilities are where the platform shines. I had no idea how pervasive their site-search's tool could be and how many of the issues I've had in the past could be adjusted and improved by the Convermax team. My final concern was that once we moved out of the development phase into production, their extraordinary helpfulness would lessen, but it hasn't wavered. My requests are still acted on quickly and well. I'm SO impressed! I can't imagine us ever leaving.
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from Huntington Beach
Can't Live Without This App
I love most things about 3dcart, it is pretty much ready to use right out of the box. However, I found their search feature really lacking. So I started the long and frustrating search for a great company that could replace the generic search capabilities of 3dcart. When my customers went to search a particular item, the search engine would display 5 results and gave no indication that there were many more items to search for. I was losing business and getting a lot of phone calls from frustrated customers who "knew" we carried a certain item but didn't know how to find it. If the customer typed in a keyword, 5 results would display, but they couldn't view all the results unless they pressed enter after entering the complete search terms. Seems like a no brainer but a lot of people didn't know to press enter after entering the exact right search term. My sales and conversions were plummeting. What I found in general was that most companies that were able to integrate with 3dcart and replace their search engine were targeting big businesses. They weren't really even interested in talking to you if your sales are under a million. Finally I found Convermax. All I can say is "whoa"! This has all the bells and whistles and is very reasonably priced. My conversions and sales have really increased. In addition, their customer service is AWESOME. It really is. I had a few hiccups and they were taken care of immediately. I have never had to wait more than 30 seconds on chat. I would list potential downsides, but I honestly can't think of any. I have absolutely no person interest in this company and my opinion is totally unbiased. If you are in the market for a kick ass search engine, look no further! I really do believe that most companies will see an increase in sales and conversions.
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from www.DecalsExtremeOnline.com
I can honestly say this is the best app we have ever added to our site. If it doesn't work the way you want , the staff at Convermax is capable of doing almost anything you want to make it better. I have never seen such response time from customer service in my life. I am truly impressed.
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from Lebanon NJ
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Convermax Search Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hi Guys, I have had a look at your apps and it's really nice. I would like to know if you can show us a functional reference that is using the apps. Also can you please tell me how the pricing works as you have mentioned a range? On the other hand, do you support customization of this searching as we have some more ideas and in that case, how the pricing will be done and the IP rights will be managed? I would appreciate your quick effective and positive response in this regards. Thanks,

Asked by: Sumon
A: Hi Sumon,

We listed a couple of reference 3dcart implementations here: https://convermax.com/platforms/3dcart

The pricing is based on a website's traffic. The starter plan ($250 monthly) covers up to 10,000 unique visitors per month. Other plans: https://convermax.com/pricing/

We regularly customize the search interface and how the engine works for our clients. That won't cost any extra, but we retain all IP rights for the derived work.

Answer provided by: Alex - Convermax

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