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Nextopia Site Search
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Nextopia Site Search

Sell more with better search Site Search, Navigation & Merchandising Solutions for Internet Retailers.
$395+ /month
About Nextopia Site Search
Flexible pricing based on number of SKUs and monthly queries. Please call to discuss a free, no obligation demo. Nextopia is in the business of helping online retailers sell smarter by supplying the tools required to convert browsers into buyers. 

With over 1,600+ customers, we're a leading global provider of eCommerce site search and navigation solutions. Designed for high-growth, scaling and enterprise-level clients, our powerful technology streamlines and supercharges your sales and merchandising efforts, provides vital customer data through backend analytics, and significantly improves your customer's shopping experience. 

Nextopia's products integrate effortlessly with Shift4Shop stores and are proven to increase conversions and sales. Our search-driven conversion platform includes site search, navigation, enhanced autocomplete, product finder, product recommendations and mobile search solutions.
App Features
  • Fast, Accurate, and Intelligent Search Results
  • Enhanced Autocomplete, Dynamic Filters & Navigation
  • Adaptive Search Algorithm
  • Targeted Merchandising Capabilities
  • Reporting & Analytics
Nextopia Site Search
Nextopia Site Search
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Nextopia Site Search Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hi Guys, I have had a look at your apps and it's really nice. I would like to know if you can show us a functional reference that is using the apps. Also can you please tell me how the pricing works as you have mentioned a range? On the other hand, do you support customization of this searching as we have some more ideas and in that case, how the pricing will be done and the IP rights will be managed? I would appreciate your quick effective and positive response in this regards. Thanks,

Asked by: Sumon
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