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Neowauk Events
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Neowauk Events

Neowauk is a unique plugin for creating seasonal and loyalty events on your e-commerce website.
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About this app

Neowauk is a unique plugin for creating seasonal and loyalty events on your e-commerce website. 

Neowauk Events adds value to any business that has an active online presence. With Neowauk Events, you as a retailer, e-tailer or any other B2B or B2C business, can host interactive and intelligent marketing events on your website. This right time marketing tool is smart enough to identify the customer and will present the most suitable events, when she/he visits your website. 

Neowauk Events provides a way to host different types of events tied to different customer responses/actions. Each of the events lets you incentivize the customers into taking the required action. This new and innovative way of marketing will help you in reducing abandoned carts, increasing conversion rates, getting repeat business, cross-selling and attract customers to browse longer or until an order is placed. 

Neowauk Events also enables the customers to share about those events on Facebook and Twitter. This SaaS product also enables your business to build the customer email list, when the customers participate in various interactive events.

With Neowauk,You can set up 

1.Lucky events determining the participants and winners based on the factors setup by you on Neowauk Admin portal 

2. Loyalty events which can be displayed to specific customers based on their shopping history. 

3.Question answer type events which select winners based on the answers 

4. Image recognition events 

5 Survey events that can reward the customers instantly. 

Other features: Follow-ups: Send emails to the customers who participated in a specific event Reuse:An event stays for ever for reuse .Activate or inactivate an event by a click. Be Social: Let customers share about the events on Facebook or Twitter seamlessly Add-on to your Mailing List: Add participating customers to your mailing list

App Features
  • Increased Order Conversion
  • Reduced Abandoned Carts
  • Loyalty Based Customer Focused Events
  • Increased customer connection
  • More Personalization
Neowauk Events
Neowauk Events
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