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Real-time Fraud Screening for eCommerce
0.45% - 0.93% of transactions
About NoFraud
NoFraud completely ELIMINATES your risk of fraud. For a low per-transaction fee (starting at just 0.45%), you will be fully protected from fraud chargebacks. You will also eliminate time wasted conducting manual reviews, tricky judgment calls, and "false positives" that result in refunding legitimate orders. 

When the NoFraud app is enabled in your Shift4Shop store, the transaction details for every order are securely and instantaneously sent to NoFraud for analysis and validation. Within seconds, NoFraud provides you with a clear, concise, actionable response right on the 'Edit Order' page in your Shift4Shop admin panel: PASS or FAIL. There are no scores for you to analyze and try to interpret, nor are you required to configure all kinds of rules and settings. Just a simple PASS or FAIL. 

No monthly minimums or long-term contracts.
App Features
  • Completely Eliminate Fraud - If you get a chargeback, NoFraud will cover it.
  • Nix False Positives – Stop refunding legitimate orders that look “questionable.”
  • No Manual Reviews – NoFraud provides a simple PASS or FAIL response.
  • Lowest Cost in the Industry - Low per-transaction fee starting at 0.45%.
  • No monthly minimums, monthly fees or long-term contracts.
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NoFraud Reviews
Great app & a must-have service. Online fraud has become a huge problem in virtually all niches, even one like mine that has historically been pretty much fraud-free. But I've recently gotten a handful of fraud chargebacks and decided I needed a fraud service. I was thrilled to find NoFraud, which doesn't just do a fraud analysis and give you their opinion on whether it's fraudulent or not... they actually give you full-blown fraud protection & reimburse you if they tell you an order passes and then you get a chargeback. It's incredibly affordable too... well worth the peace of mind alone, not to mention the fact that it more than pays for itself in fraud chargebacks I would have had otherwise. The app itself is super easy to integrate. It only took me maybe 10-15 minutes to go through the step by step integration guide (which has screenshots & stuff to make it really easy to follow), and the app has worked flawlessly.
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from PuppyStairs.com
Works perfectly
Simple, clear, and easy to use. I haven't had to use the Chargeback Protection yet - but they NoFraud team has been quick on all of the customer service inquiries I've sent in. Completely satisfied!
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from birdcagecoversnow.com
Great App!
This is a great app that has solved a fraud problem I had with prank/malicious orders...I now have full functionality back at a very low, reasonable price! Thanks for providing a great service!
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from DPSSports.com
A+ Fraud Protection
I absolutely love the NoFraud service. For whatever reason, I was starting to get an insane amount of fraud attempts and it was becoming super stressful to try to decipher what was legit and what was fraudulent. After a whole lot of wasted time and a couple of costly chargebacks, I went looking for fraud protection. After quite a bit of analysis, I decided to give NoFraud a try. The service has been amazing, and the 3dcart app has worked flawlessly. I love how it gives me a simple PASS or FAIL response. I've been using it for about 10 months now and absolutely love the service. Incredibly affordable, too. I highly recommend both this app and the NoFraud chargeback protection service.
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from Bidet-Toilet-Seat.com
Solid app - recommended
This is a solid app, and the No Fraud service is great. It's certainly saved me from dozens of fraud attempts over the past 3-4 months I've been using the service. Well worth every penny! My only complaint (and the reason for the 4 stars instaed of 5) is that I have to log in to the separate No Fraud portal if I want to see the FULL DETAILS about why a particular order passed or failed. That said, it DOES show whether the order passed or failed right there on the order page in the 3dcart admin panel (which is usually all I care to know). And that's the important thing.
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from myteakshowerbench.com
We love it
Can't say enough about the value of this app and of the No Fraud service in general. In the 4 months since we installed it, it's saved us from thousands of dollars in fraud-related chargebacks I don't think we would have caught on our own (fraudsters have become so sophisticated that doing the old-school shipping-vs-billing address analysis and IP address look-up and phone # verification simply aren't good enough anymore).
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from DogTreadmillHQ.com
Stellar service and app
NoFraud is a truly stellar service, as well as a great app. It was easy to install/configure, and it does exactly what it's supposed to do... eliminate fraudulent orders. And unlike other fraud detection services I've used in the past (which shall remain nameless), NoFraud seems extremely good about only failing a transaction if it's TRULY fraudulent. Services I've used in the past seemed to have hyper-sensitve fraud "sensors" and declined a lot of orders that I felt confident were not fraudulent. Those kinds of false positives result in a lot of lost profits. NoFraud, on the other hand, seems to mark questionable orders as "under review"... and then THEY (NoFraud) do the manual review for me (i.e. calling up the customer and verifying the order and such) for no extra cost. I love the NoFraud service and the app. Highly recommended! - Jeff
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from InnovativeCages.com
There is minimums or the percentage is higher than noted and much lower for the reimbursement per transaction that ends us as fraud.. the more sales.. the lower the percentage per transaction and higher the fraud protection amount. "The rates depend on your average order value and monthly processing revenue. As you grow, you can reach out for a rate reduction and higher maximum reimbursement amount.
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from Marianna
We have been using NoFraud for several years now and its been very helpful. Before that we had several large dollar chargebacks that really hurt us. Its been nice have someone review our transactions so we can be confident when we ship items out. The times we have had to reach out, NoFraud customer service has been able to help us quickly, which is also a plus. We would definitely recommend this company.
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from Colorado
Easy integration, slick service
Excellent. Took maybe 7-8 minutes to integrate and configure the app. And it works beautifully. It's SO nice to not have to worry about fraudulent chargebacks anymore.
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from LightfootCycles.com
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NoFraud Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does integration/implementation take? Do you have a step by step guide to walk me trhough it? Thanks in advance

Asked by: Ernie
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