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Riskified - Chargeback insurance for merchants The world's most advanced risk platform, now available for Shift4Shop merchants.
About Riskified

Riskified - Chargeback insurance for merchants 

  • 100% Chargeback Guarantee: Never Pay for another chargeback
  • Grow Your Sales: Confidently accept high risk orders you would otherwise decline
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Avoid order fulfillment delays with Riskified's around the clock review process.

Riskified is a risk management solution that provides peace-of-mind to Shift4Shop merchants by verifying, approving and guaranteeing transactions. Today Riskified is a trusted partner to Fortune 100 companies and thousands of growing online stores. Riskified uses advanced modeling and fraud detection practices to stay ahead of fraudsters and keep your business safe and growing.   

Simple, transparent pricing. Free to install.

Pay only when we approve a transaction and you make money. Choose from any of our existing plans with the freedom to switch plans at any time:

Shop Protection Plan - Review, approve and guarantee all incoming orders - 0.7%

Never Decline Plan - Choose the orders you want automatically sent for review. Automatically submit all international transactions - 2.4%

Select and Submit - Manually select transactions sent for review - 4.9%

*Digital goods - contact us for pricing

Start using Riskified Today! Launch your own fraud team in minutes by simply clicking the “I want this App” button at the top of the page and following the simple instructions.

App Features
  • Eliminate Costs of Chargebacks
  • Increase Sales Opportunities
  • Accelerate growth without fear of fraud
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Stop Manual Reviews
  • Advanced decline analytics
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