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Option Rules
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Option Rules

Configure Parent/Child product variants relationships
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With 3dcart's additional Option Rules module, you can configure a specific set of options that would display (or not display); based on previous options that are already selected.

For example, lets say your particular base products are available in wide range of possibilities like size and color. However, certain sizes are not available in specific colors. For situations like this, you would use Option Rules to designate whether subsequent products will be available or not.

Option Rules works with radio button, dropdown and dropimage display type.
Option Rules
Option Rules
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Questions and Answers

Q: Can values be easily added to the subset options and be displayed? Can they be displayed as a final price or only as an add on to the base price like the regular option set values in 3dcart that I currently use?

Asked by: Rose
A: The values and options displayed are controlled with the standard Product Options. The Option Rules add restrictions and validations to the existing options with their corresponding values, to control which subsets are displayed based on the previous selection. The product options work as add-on prices, there is a different feature that allows to define final prices with the use of Advanced Options, no option rules required.
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: Is there a way to see how this add on actually functions beyond the single photo? How can I evaluate whether this addon will do what I'm trying to accomplish?

Asked by: Mike
A: Yes, you can contact our sales team for a free trial of this app.
Answer provided by: Technical Support User (jrodriguez)

Q: Can this be used to display or hide subsequent text box options? For example, depending on drop down selection, we would need to then display a different number of text boxes with different text limits depending on the selection.

Asked by: Steve
A: Yes, that's exactly the functionality this app provides.
Answer provided by: Henry

Q: I have two option templates. Each of them has their own option rules. However, when I view the product, only one of the two option rules are applied. I have clicked on the "Apply Template", I have cleared out site's cache -- but still no success. Do you have any fix for this?

Asked by: Pao
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Q: I have two option templates that each have their own option rules. I can set it up just fine in the admin portal. However, when I view it on the product page itself, only one of the two option rules are working. Can you please explain why? Also, if there is a way to fix this, it will be greatly appreciated.

Asked by: Paolo M.
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Q: If I use a Parent Option that is a dropdown option (ie Yes or No), can I the use a quantity child option if Yes is chosen?

Asked by: Pam
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Q: Is it possible to get a free trial of the Option Rules app to try while I'm trying to decide if Shift4shop is right for our business? Thank you.

Asked by: Jennifer
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