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Add a store locator or dealer finder to your Shift4Shop site in minutes with no coding required.
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About this app

Add a store locator or dealer finder to your Shift4Shop site in minutes with no coding required. StoreMapper embeds on any page and allows your customers to find where to buy your stuff. Upload your locations in bulk using our powerful data management tools. Fully customize the user experience with tons of built in settings and options, or fine with CSS and Javascript on your own site. StoreMapper has every option you want.

StoreMapper comes with a built in responsive design that looks great for mobile customers and integrates a smart phone's native GPS, dialer and directions apps. The built in analytics let you view every search, see where customer demand is on a heatmap. Find locations where customers want your product that you don't currently have locations or download all the data to wrangle yourself. Get up and running in minutes.

App Features
  • Add a store locator in minutes, help customers find your stuff
  • Fully customizable to integrate with your site theme
  • Native mobile design for shoppers on the go
  • Powerful analytics help you see trends in demand for your product in retail
  • Add unlimited locations from anywhere in the world
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Q: How deeply does this application integrate with each customer record. We have a professional store where a number of our professional customers may want to enable the public to find them on a locator. Can our professional customers enable or disable their address information? Are there fields that can be added for our professionals to add specialty, and what they offer in terms of our products, or if they predominately evaluate and recommend our products. Any live examples of this integration?

Asked by: Bjorn Svae (3/7/2019)
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